How to Make the Best Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance can be difficult, especially when you don´t have the proper knowledge on how to maintain a beautiful landscape. Whether it be the choice of tools you need, which foliage is best for your yard or how often to prune your shrubs, it can seem like a daunting task. However, by utilizing these 9 tips and tricks, you can reduce your labor and maintain your garden more efficiently, putting less strain on yourself and reaping the benefits a gorgeous scenery can provide.

Tips to keep the garden in best conditions


  1. The first tip, and one of the most important, is to start your garden with good soil. Try nutrient rich planting beds, such as manure, compost, or even dried peat moss. Amended soil, which is an additive that can enhance simple soil, drains better due to its light weight which allows for easier weeding. Good soil equals beautiful plants.


  1. Don´t be afraid to borrow aesthetically pleasing ideas from neighbors! If you see something you like, snap a quick picture and reference it when starting your garden or creating an addition. Seeing what looks good around you is a great way to ensure you´re on the right path to a beautiful, eye-catching garden. Keep in mind you can also see which plants are easier to maintain in local weather conditions. Which brings us to our next point…


  1. Choose a landscape that works well in your climate and weather environments. This can help assist you in which plants will be able to withhold the atmosphere around them. Also consider where the garden is going to be placed. Does it have a good amount of sunlight or is it in the shade? You can customize your garden to accommodate your specific needs and ensure your plants have exactly what they require to thrive in your yard.


  1. Next, start your garden with younger flowers, shrubs, and trees. Even if you´re adding an addition keep this tip in mind! This gives you time to properly care for the plants as they mature and introduce them to the appropriate soil early on. It also gives the plants more time to establish their roots, ensuring they get the correct amount of nutrients resulting in a more bountiful landscape.


  1. Make sure you have the appropriate tools that will be needed. Whether you need a shovel quickly or you realize you´re missing a gardening glove, check at the beginning of the season to ensure you have everything you need. Consider ergonomically designed tools and knee mads to ensure you have a pain free experience. Also, contemplate investing in tools with bright handles. This will alleviate the stress of a possible tool going missing as you can spot the bright color amongst the green shrubbery.


  1. Remove the eyesores! Deadheading, or removing dead blooms from your plant, keeps your plant from wasting energy it naturally continues to provide. This can take away from efforts it could be putting towards healthier buds and flowers. Grab your clippers and snip away! It is surprising how much more your plant can produce when it is regularly deadheaded.


  1. Keep your garden weed free. Weeds are not only ugly, but they can cause a real problem for the plants around them. Weeds can not only steal water from your plants but if they get large enough can actually block out sunlight. They have the tendency to over crowd your space which again can limit your landscape’s ability to thrive. There is no such thing as over-weeding so grab those suckers when you first see them sprout.


  1. Don´t be afraid to decorate your landscape. Whether it be something simple like the occasional decorative stone, a brick walkway, or a welcoming garden gnome, make your space your own. Don´t be afraid to add accessories! They can add to an aesthetically please experience. They also do not inhibit your plants from prospering, so they make a great, fun addition.


  1. Lastly, create a space you´re proud to maintain! If you love your landscape and the environment it provides, you will be happier to put on your gardening shoes and go to work. Having an area you appreciate effects how you view your home. This can enhance your well-being and overall quality of life. When you have a serene place to escape to, what a lovelier place your home becomes!


Gardens can definitely be a chore however; they bring an amount of beauty that little to nothing else can provide. Not only do they add an attractive aesthetic to your home, they create a beautiful space for you to enjoy every day. At Dream Garden, we utilize our expertise to create the perfect garden and landscape for you and your home. We are passionate about our craft and ensure we will provide the highest quality experience and results. We do everything to go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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