This is what we can create exclusively for you...

Swimming Pools

An indispensable element in a garden.

The range of styles and above all the individual designs make the difference. The original designs allow us to integrate them completely into the garden as part of the landscape and not as contrasting components.

Pergolas, terraces and Barbecues...

It’s the ideal place to enjoy a pleasant evening or a glass of good Spanish wine.

Ponds, Fountains, Streams and Cascades

At least one element of this kind is indispensable given that water is life.

In effect this type of element attracts different species of birds
whose song combined with the soft and relaxing sound of the water offer us
a sense of unrivalled well being.

Pergolas, Terraces and Barbecues

The location for this paramount structure is decisive.

From here, you need to be able to view the whole splendour and exuberance of
the garden and landscape as if through a wide angle lens.

Our vanguard designs can be of wood, building material or a blend of
materials to produce authentic masterpieces.

With regard to roofs, these can be of Arabic tiles, wooden slats,
canvas, glass, bamboo, brezo (heather), or other materials
affording the spectator a tropical appearance.

They can also be covered by climbers such as wisteria for an added mystical effect.

Automatic irrigation.

At Dream Garden we are aware of the scarcity of fresh water
suffered by our planet and accordingly consider it our duty to promote
responsible water usage.

For this reason, before installing a particular type of watering system,
we undertake a study of the physical aspects of the terrain
in order to find the most suitable system, thus achieving rational
water consumption, which will in turn be reflected in the clients water bill.

Bringing it all together