"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses."

~Hanna Rion

This simple but powerful observation perfectly embodies the true nature of our craft. From the spiritual Zen of the east to the classic beauty of the west a garden is a world away from the world.

The perfect place to become one with nature and renew our very essence; an unobtrusive yet spiritual healing like no other...

Garden Design

Designing a garden is not easy! When it comes to planning the space we have, we try that not all the elements are exposed at first glance, we analyze each corner, bushes, plants or any element that we can use to create special and magical corners that are not seen so quickly, we always want so create a surprise factor.  

We define the necessary space to create and integrate all the elements that the client wants in the most harmonious ways, take advantage of the space doesn’t mean to put all the elements together but design garden where everything looks to be in their perfect place, we make the garden design aesthetic and functional. There’s room for everything but not everything at the same place! Pools, summer tables, BBQs, tools houses, dog houses, we are dedicated to the garden design and we offer the highest quality in our services. 

Landscape Architecture 

garden-designIn any garden design we find focal points that determine its style and improve the general appearance of the garden; on the other hand, with our landscape architecture we are dedicated to planning, designing, building and harmonizing open spaces as part of the natural and human system. We think about the connection of each part of the garden when designing it, always avoiding monotony.   

Our years of experience have made us see that size is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that it seems spacious, we select the ideal furniture for the size of your garden, we take all this into consideration in the garden design for not to break with the comfort that your garden can offer with heavy elements.   

The landscape architecture and garden design come together to convey sensations through materials such as wood or stone. Also, in the important choice of different trees, vegetation and plants, we care about giving naturalness in your garden design as well as symmetry, another essential factor in our designs, since we know that our clients use the garden as an escape route and to relax and enjoy family and friends.   

The same happens with the choice of colors, a fundamental element for any garden design or landscape architecture. We always recommend vivid colors if you want a garden that transmits joy, if on the contrary you want your garden to transmit calm, we will focus on looking for elements of simple colors like beige or white.  

We will be happy to help you and make your garden design or your landscape architecture, we will be with you throughout the process and provide great value to your home.