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Outdoors designers and
garden maintenance experts

This is what makes us what we are

Exclusive Designs for Exclusive Creations

Our landscape projects are renowned for their exclusive design where each element combines effortlessly with its surroundings in complete harmony, providing the visitor with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

In effect, at Dream Garden, as the name suggests, we create authentic dream landscapes, where the combination of swimming pools, waterfalls, cascades, ponds and rills, brings about a transformation in which your home becomes a sanctuary to soothe the stress of everyday living.

Among the landscape designs we develop, you can find a large number of styles, from Mediterranean  and Japanese gardens to minimalist and modern styles. However, at Dream Garden we are also committed to the protection of our environment designing  Zero Gardens (low in water consumption), in which we use autochthonous plants where we replace the lawn with gravel of different colours producing splendid effects.

The success of our creations is based on their rapid and effective execution for which we promote a balanced symbiosis between owner and landscaper architect. This is possible due to the constant communication between both parties, which allows us to take into account, at all times, the valued opinion, suggestions and preferences of our clients.

Garden Maintenance, the perfect way to an always perfect garden

The maintenance of our creations can also be carried out by our highly qualified staff with the object of preserving the original concept and in this way get to savour it in all its fulfilling splendour.

This particular craft will contribute to the conservation of your garden in complete equilibrium and health whilst letting the natural progression of nature grow and shine through.

We cover all the necessary care; pruning, replanting, lawn care, fertilisation, mineral balance, plant care and treatment and, of course,  weed control. Dream Garden provide an exclusive garden maintenance service which offers all the guarantee.

Owing to its vital role in the garden, watering is inspected regularly, both to avoid waste and ensure adequate water distribution for optimum plant development.

Just as in the early stages of landscaping the architect’s regular visits are essential, in the maintenance they are of likewise of paramount importance to orchestrate and overlook the maintenance calendar.

With Dream Garden, quality and professionalism go hand in hand to guarantee a spectacular garden and the corresponding full satisfaction of our clients.


Construction, the creation itself

Once the landscape project has been approved, we set about building the garden. The initial work involves the construction of such architectural elements as  swimming pools, ponds, terraces, pergolas, paths, etc., ground preparation, soil analysis followed by adequate soil adjustment, tree planting, the installation of automatic irrigation systems and installation of cable protection for lighting.

All work in the construction of the garden is supervised, from start to finish, by our landscape architects, who take care of every last detail in order to guarantee the deserved maximum quality and complete satisfaction of our clients. We are outdoors designers with years of experience in this sector.