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Do you know the vertical gardens of Dream Garden?  

Our intention is always to satisfy and surprise our clients, as we consider that harmony in the place where we live is of the utmost importance, that is why we offer our incredible vertical garden service.  

A vertical garden is a technique that is used to grow plants in a vertically suspended panel through the use of hydroponics, our structures can be independent or attached to a garden wall or terrace, this beautiful technique has been used from ancient civilizations to modernity, and you have surely seen many vertical gardens in movies, celebrity gifts, among others.  

The vertical gardens of Dream Garden give your home, garden or terrace a touch of color, nature and above all life to your spaces, at the same time that we install a unique piece that all your guests will talk about and save space and pots to maintain.vertical-garden  

Vertical gardens for your garden or terrace  

Perhaps you have seen vertical gardens in buildings, squares, parks, but we take it to your home, some of the most common components of vertical gardens are moss, vines and flowers, which, in our case, we always advise having flowers that resist to any season, be it winter, spring, autumn or summer.  

One of the advantages of having a vertical garden on your terrace or garden is that despite having to maintain, water and care for the plants, they receive light every day, are hydrated and remain in nature, thus providing more nature to our environments  

Plants for your vertical garden

As we discussed previously, the ideal thing to keep these gardens alive and wonderful, it is best to study which flowers will be able to perfectly fit your tastes, but also which ones are efficient in all seasons. Some of them are:  

Goose flowers, the cyclamen that are known to be very resistant, begonias which is one of the plants that blooms with more flowers throughout the year, lavender, African violet, purslane, verbena with flowers of different colors, geranium or penta flowers, these are some of the flowers that resist, with care, the cold and heat of the seasons, in addition to being spectacular all, you can choose the combination that you like the most, and of course add vines, mosses or whatever makes you happier  Why you should install a vertical garden at home with Dream Garden?  


We are experts in what design, decoration, construction and architecture of exteriors and landscapes are concerned, everything you can dream of for your terrace or garden, we can materialize it and make it come true.  

Don't wait any longer to have your beautiful vertical garden at home!