Advantages of having a garden at home

Being at home is priceless, feeling free and comfortable in your home is one of the most important things in life. In fact, when we travel it is very common to enjoy to the fullest, but to have that feeling of fatigue that would only go away in our house, our bed and our space and comfort zone. So can you imagine having a beautiful garden design at home? 

Now, if home is where we grow up, we carry out our day-to-day tasks and live with our loved ones, sometimes we need a different environment, which continues to provide us with the tranquility of our own environment, but also helps us to distract ourselves, clear up the mind, connect with nature and enjoy. This can be achieved with a like a vertical garden or a beautiful landscape design. 

Advantages of having a garden at home

As we discussed earlier, the advantages of having a garden at home are quite extensive, but today we will tell you about the ones that we consider most relevant:

Reflect your personality

Gardens do not have an exact shape, you will never find green areas equal to each other, having a garden at home is the perfect opportunity to reflect your personality. It will depend on your tastes what type of flowers you want to have, the design of it will also depend on you. This is one of the most beautiful things to do in your garden, which is not something you buy and place, it is something that can be truly unique, just like you.

Allows you to create new spaces

Depending on the needs of the moment, your garden can be attached to any setting, the spaces can be used to exercise, to have a party with your friends, or the ideal place for the smallest of the house to play and disconnect from all the technology.

Has a positive effect on our health

Being surrounded by nature and a comfortable and own space can improve our physical and mental health. Maintaining a garden, even simple tasks like watering flowers, will keep you physically active. The fullness and tranquility that you will feel while being there will bring benefits to your mental health, starting with reducing the stress and anxiety of day-to-day tasks.

It is an ideal space for children and pets

To be honest, the kings of the house are always children and pets, and of course, they deserve the best. A garden is an ideal space not only to connect with nature, but also to play, create that valuable bond between children and pets and enjoy each space without using technology. Children who get used to playing in the garden are usually very healthy children as they develop antibodies.

Animals enjoy gardens since it brings them closer to their own nature, it is also proven that animals that have a garden are less mischievous than those that are always in the house, since they have a place to drain all their energy.

Increase home value

That’s right, and we are not referring only to the personal advantages that the garden will offer you, it also increases the value of your home economically speaking. Having a garden at home when selling or renting the home, you can increase its price and recover the investment.

At Dream Garden we make the most exclusive gardens

We are experts in garden and landscape design, that although confusion may arise, gardens and landscapes are very different. In landscape design and architecture, we focus on all the spaces that we can take advantage of to create different spaces within one. For example, in a house that has a very large garden or lot, we have created incredible landscapes with swimming pools, fountains and pergolas.

As for the gardens, we do not focus mainly on the wishes of the owner, as we know that no one knows his tastes and those of his family better than him. However, throughout the process of creating the garden, from design to preparation, we advise them to achieve the perfect garden for each one.

Dream Garden: landscapes, design and architecture

At Dream Garden we strive to offer our clients a high-quality service, because in addition to being passionate about what we do, we want them to see their home with excitement and enthusiasm again.

In all the services we offer, professionalism and perfectionism stand out, our landscape and garden design is of a higher level, as are our vertical gardens that so many people fall in love with.

And why not? You can give your garden even more personality with an art wall designed by us to reflect the landscape, movie or moment that you like the most. At Dream Garden we make the garden of your dreams come true because we know that the advantages of having a garden at home are unmatched!

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