As we have commented on several occasions, everything you can imagine for your terrace or garden, at Dream Garden we can materialize it and make it come true.  

This time we are talking about our artistic walls, those pieces of art that can be on a wall or wall and that can be whatever you want, do you want to have coffee at your outdoor table while you see the sea? In Dream Garden we will make an Artistic Wall so realistic, that, even if it is snowing outside, you can almost smell the smell of the sea!  

What are artistic walls?  

In artistic terms, artistic walls are called “that image that uses a wall or wall as a support for itself” is closely linked to architectural walls; Due to their dimensions and locations, the murals can be associated with areas of socio-cultural transmission due to their history and beginnings.  

This type of art has been present throughout history, and has even served artists, civilians and societies to give an opinion through art, be it personal, political, religious, cultural, among others.  

Artistic walls have two main characteristics: monumentality, which depends on the size of the wall or wall and the composition of the image or work itself; the second, but no less important is the "polyangularity" which is based on the different points of view and sizes of the plane  

The history of artistic walls  

We see them from cave paintings, in ancient cities, temples, squares, houses and gardens, in those times they used to be illustrations of scenes of daily life or of religions; we can see in these murals some angels, archangels, devotees, among others.  

On the other hand, in modernity the artistic walls have been many times associated with revolutionary struggles, between oppressors and oppressed. Through art many have been able to express themselves; one of the most important works is Pablo Picasso's “Guernica”, protesting about the Spanish Civil War.  

Your own mural in your home with Dream Garden  

We offer an infinite number of options when we talk about our artistic walls, this is because everything that can be painted, we can do it  

Many of our clients want a specific mural, full of art, creativity and imagination so that their children grow up surrounded by a garden full of history, culture and magic.  

Others are looking for a mural to disconnect from day to day and relax observing the work of art, get in your home beautiful views of Mykonos, the beach that you like the most, the mountains that you miss so much, whatever you want to see all the days, you can have it with Dream Garden!