Outdoor garden design ideas

A garden is a work in progress that changes from season to season and year to year. Gardeners who have been around for a while are fully aware of this fact and have even learned to appreciate the fleeting nature of their outdoor environments. They like choosing a substitute for a plant that outgrows its former habitat or performs poorly. They appreciate watching different plants take the stage as the seasons change, and they relish the challenge of dealing with drought or other environmental extremes.

Gardeners are always tinkering, developing, and dreaming. They go on to the next portion of their property after finishing one, ultimately returning for fine tweaking. In this article, you will find some refreshing ideas for your garden that landscaping companies can design for you.

Container planting

If you have the space, raised beds are ideal for producing fruit and vegetables. Container gardening, on the other hand, is your friend if you have a tiny backyard but still want to produce herbs, foods, and even flowers.

For the simple reason that you may put your plant pots wherever best or suitable for your area, it works for practically every form of garden space under the sun. Ideal for tenants who wish to bring their plants with them, and you may be creative with both the plant and the planter to create a truly stunning presentation. Herbs and aromatic flowers can be added to the mix. Hydrangeas look lovely in a container, and you can add interest by mixing upright blooms with trailing plants like Creeping rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus) or Ivy (Hedera).Plants in a wheelbarrow

This is a beautiful example of how to work with what you have and proves that you can plant anyplace. Consider repurposing old wheelbarrows or even your old BBQ into elegant plant pots before throwing them away. It is possible that drainage holes may need to be drilled, but once that is done, fill them with a variety of vegetation. For more colour and texture, try Hosta, Caladiums, ornamental grass, or even a wildflower combination.

One major pop of colour

Selecting just one burst of colour is all it takes to make a garden appear sophisticated and even a touch pricey without putting in a lot of effort.

Why not bring the ideal Pantone colour combination out into your yard as well? It is recommended to use varieties like Rose Campion, Silver Bush, Sear Holly, and even some varieties of Lavender for their beautiful silver colour, along with yellow blooms like Tulips, Daffodils, and Gladioli for example. 

Create a sheltered seating spot

Garden inspiration may frequently lead to larger home renovation projects! So, did you know you can use your side return in a variety of ways? If an expansion is not on your to-do list, then turning this area into a natural extension of your garden is a necessity. In addition to the smart utilisation of relatively empty space, it will seem extremely comfortable and personal. Include a roof, a small outdoor coffee table as the focal point, and your favourite seats. To create your own slice of heaven, simply add foliage.

Be creative with pallets

A corner couch may maximise space, especially if you have a large family, and it does not have to be expensive if you DIY your own using wooden pallets for a charismatic, yet rustic look. With the simple addition of mix-matched cushions and throws, this is one of the greatest affordable garden ideas that boasts a comfortable and attractive effect.

But there is more you can make with pallets, like the insect homemade insect hotel you see above in the picture. This is another easy, yet cheap and fun DIY to give your garden an update. 

A garden pond

A water feature in the garden is a great idea that can be used in both classic and modern garden designs. If you are adding a water feature, such as a backyard pond, keep in mind that it will become a focal point, and therefore, you will need to prepare it ahead of time. If you are phasing your design – for example, starting with a patio and adding other elements as your budget permits – be sure you will not have to reverse all of your hard work to refit plumbing. If your garden is tiny, a simple trickle from a solar-powered fountain in a big basin would suffice.

Create a scented climber framed walkway

Nothing beats a garden walkway, especially when it is lined with aromatic and lovely climbers. Making an archway over a garden walk, or even integrating a pergola, are wonderful solutions not just for large gardens, but also for modest garden ideas, to pull the attention higher. The combination of fastigiate shrubs and non-invasive climbers is ideal. Rambling roses, Jasmine (Jasminum stephanense), Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinesis) or another type of Wisteria, and Clematis are all excellent alternatives for adding a touch of radiance to your garden.

Artistic walls

There is nothing more original and striking as an artistic wall. The look of one wall can change the appearance of your whole garden. An artistic wall can give you the feeling of sitting next to the sea or in your favourite city. The options are endless and very realistic. 

When it comes to our creative walls, we have limitless options since we can paint everything that can be painted. As we have commented on several occasions, everything you can imagine for your terrace or garden, at Dream Garden we can materialise it and make it come true.  

You can hire Dream Garden for all types of outdoor makeovers and constructions. We are obsessed with details and being able to present our customers with unique experiences and surprises in their exteriors that they find little by little. Not only do we specialise in landscaping and gardening, but we are also committed to building spectacular outdoor projects.

Forest garden design

When you think about nature, a forest is probably one of the first things that cross your mind. As a result, planting trees in our gardens can be an effective approach to offset carbon emissions and restoring the carbon cycle’s equilibrium. Traditional, tilled agricultural fields or gardens dominated by annual crops cannot store carbon in plants and soil for as long as forests (including forest gardens or agroforestry systems) can.

Forest gardens, like natural forests, may aid in the fight against climate change. We can help safeguard our planet and secure a sustainable future for humanity by transforming our food gardens from typical kitchen gardens to tree-dominated ecosystems.

Furthermore, a forest garden lets us unwind. A forest garden can aid in the reduction of noise pollution, such as that caused by traffic. And they are absolutely calming and lovely places to unwind and spend some time alone.

How to design a forest garden

The most usual is to hire a professional landscaping company, who will take into account the specific climate conditions in your area and the characteristics of your garden. Trees, shrubs, and ground plants make up the three levels of a basic forest garden. A luxury forest garden, on the other hand, can include up to seven strata of vegetation for individuals who wish to take advantage of every planting opportunity. A seven-layered forest garden has towering trees, low trees, shrubs, herbs, ground coverings, vines, and root crops.

What are the layers of which a forest garden is composed?

The tall-three layer

This is a canopy of full-sized fruit, nut, or other valuable trees with enough space between them to allow enough light to reach the bottom levels. Because they create deep shadows over a vast area, dense, spreading species—the typical shade trees such as maple, sycamore, and beech—do not perform well in the forest garden. Multifunctional fruit and nut trees are a better option.

The lower-tree layer

Many of the same fruits and nuts may be found in the canopy, but they are grown on dwarf and semidwarf rootstocks to keep their growth low. We may also plant tiny trees such as apricot, peach, nectarine, almond, medlar, and mulberry that grow organically. Shade-tolerant fruit trees such as persimmon and pawpaw can also be found here. These little trees might act as a canopy in a mini forest garden.

The shrub layer

Flowering, fruiting, wildlife-attracting, and other valuable shrubs are included in this category. Blueberry, rose, hazelnut, butterfly bush, bamboo, serviceberry, nitrogen-fixing Elaeagnus species, Siberian pea shrub, and hundreds of others are just a few examples. The wide variety of shrubs available lets the gardener’s personal preferences shine through, since shrubs may be chosen to promote food, crafts, ornamentals, birds, insects, native plants, exotics, or pure biodiversity.

The herb layer

Herb refers to nonwoody vegetation such as vegetables, flowers, culinary herbs, and cover crops, as well as mulch producers and other soil-building plants, in the wide botanical meaning. We will focus on perennials, but we will not rule out good annuals and self-seeding plants. A forest garden might also have regular garden beds with plants that need full light at the perimeter.

The ground-cover layer

Low, ground-hugging plants that nestle into edges and the gaps between shrubs and herbs, particularly types that provide food or habitat. Strawberries, nasturtium, clover, creeping thyme, ajuga, and the many prostrate flower kinds such as phlox and verbena are just a few examples. They serve an important role in weed control by occupying land that might otherwise fall prey to intruders.

The vine layer

This layer is for climbing plants that will vine up trunks and branches, supplying food and habitat to the underutilised areas of the all-important third dimension. Food plants like kiwifruit, grapes, hops, passionflower, and vining berries, as well as wildlife species like honeysuckle and trumpet-flower, may be found here. Squash, cucumbers, and melons are examples of climbing annuals. Because certain perennial vines are invasive or strangling, they should only be handled sparingly and with caution.

The root layer

The soil adds another layer to the woodland garden; the third dimension is both vertical and horizontal. Plants with shallow roots, such as garlic and onions, or easy-to-dig kinds, such as potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, should make up the majority of the root layer. Carrots and other deep-rooted kinds do not work well since the digging they need, disturbs other plants.

Do you want a forest garden in your home?

If you want to contribute to the environment and enjoy a relaxing and beautiful environment in your garden, the best thing you can do is to hire an outdoor design company that is also an expert in garden maintenance such as Dream Garden. Once the landscaping proposal is approved. It will start with site preparation, soil analysis followed by proper soil amendment, tree planting, installation of automated irrigation system and wiring protection for lighting are part of the first job.

Our highly skilled team can also maintain our masterpieces to conserve the original design of your garden and therefore allowing you to enjoy it in all of its wonderful beauty.This specific technique will aid in the preservation of your garden’s balance and health while allowing nature’s natural evolution to bloom and shine through.

Pruning, replanting, grass care, fertilisation, mineral balancing, plant care and treatment, and, of course, weed control are all covered. Dream Garden is a one-of-a-kind garden care service that comes with a full warranty.

Quality and professionalism go hand in hand with Dream Garden to provide a magnificent garden and our clients’ complete pleasure.

Our landscape architects manage all aspects of garden creation from start to finish, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality and total satisfaction. We are exterior designers who have worked.

Why hire an outdoor gardening company?


Many people dream of designing their own home to fit their lifestyle. They invest a lot of time and money developing their dream house, only to discover they do not have enough money for high-quality landscaping. To put it another way, they put it last on their list of priorities. While your garden is just as important. Hiring an outdoor gardening company to take care of your garden has many advantages.

You will save time

Gardening may be a time-consuming activity, depending on the size of your property and the amount of upkeep it requires. To be honest, it is not something that everyone loves. There’s nothing wrong with that. Many people want to be able to enjoy a lovely outdoor environment without having to perform any of the maintenance work. Life is frequently hectic, and as a consequence, home gardens and outdoor areas often suffer as a result. Hiring a professional landscaper or gardener in your neighborhood means you will not have to lift a finger to enjoy a lovely outside space.

It can save you money

When you hire a professional landscaper, you are getting a contractor that is a jack of all crafts with a lot of experience. Rather of handling the project yourself and hiring separate tradespeople for concreting, fencing, masonry, turfing, pool construction, and tiling, all of these services will be done by a single individual. Consider how much time and money you might save by employing a single specialist who can provide all services for a single fee and in a timely way.

Experts will bring your vision to life

Inform them what you want, and they will assess your outside area to see whether your vision garden is realistic, making any required tweaks along the process. Professional landscapers may create designs and schematics so you can see precisely how your garden will appear before they start working on it. You will approve every part of the project in advance, ensuring that there are no surprises along the road, because a skilled landscaper knows what works and what does not when it comes to landscaping. They stay on top of industry developments, network with other landscapers and landscape architects, and are knowledgeable about planting schemes, how to care for individual plants, and how they flourish in the environment. They are also aware of each plant’s future requirements.

Save money on materials and equipment

The cost of renting required equipment and purchasing supplies might lead you to surpass your budget when it comes to building your perfect outdoor environment. Professional landscapers will assess the materials and equipment needed to make it happen after inspecting your property and discussing your ideas for the space. They will also work inside your planned budget to keep you on pace.

Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a skilled expert who can get the best materials and has access to the necessary tools and equipment without you having to buy them.

High quality craft

As thrilling as a DIY project may appear, it also has a high risk of going wrong. It can be a hassle if the project is not adequately planned or if you do not know how to address possible complications. Professional landscapers have the knowledge, abilities, and years of experience necessary to build things correctly the first time and to deal with unanticipated issues. Which will leave you with crafts of the highest quality.

Get the most out of the space

Landscape design that is thoughtful and skilled may help you get the most out of your property. Landscape will allow you to clean up the area and make it practical rather than just a vast patch of grass or an overgrown forest of needless weeds. As a result, you will find yourself spending a lot more time outside. Imagine entertaining guests in a big stone-clad fire-pit sitting area, surrounded by lush turf for the kids to play on and for you to simply appreciate nature.

Increase property value

Imagine. You are looking for a new place to live and have two options. The first one welcomes you with a beautiful pathway bordered with rich green turf, full and well-kept gardens, and a beautiful timber deck and party area where you can imagine your friends and family enjoying a drink by the pool. You depart to see the next house, your mind racing with possibilities. The next house is bordered by dirt, dead grass, and overgrown plants that take up too much room and make you feel uninspired. Which house would you choose to remember? Which one do you think you would prefer?

Nothing beats taking care of your home both inside and out when it comes to increasing its worth. Investing in expert garden care and updating your outside space from time to time informs potential buyers that your property has been well cared for, no matter how old it is. Garden maintenance not only adds to the value of your home, but it also helps to maintain the general value of your neighborhood, attracting more of the purchasers you desire.

Interested in hiring an outdoor gardening company? Contact us!

Outdoor wall decorations garden


There are many ways to give your garden an upgrade. You can, for example, plant flowers, grow vegetables, buy new garden furniture or build a pool and your garden will have a fresh look again. However, there is nothing more original and striking as an artistic wall. The look of one wall can change the appearance of your whole garden. An artistic wall can give you the feeling of sitting next to the sea or in your favourite city. The options are endless and very realistic. 

What are art walls?

Artistic walls are defined as “that image that uses a wall or wall as a support for itself” designed by experts and are closely related to architectural walls; murals can be associated to regions of socio-cultural transmission due to their history and origins according to their proportions and placements.

This type of art has existed throughout history, and has even benefited artists, citizens and civilizations by allowing them to express themselves through art, whether personal, political, religious or cultural.

Artistic walls have two basic characteristics: monumentality, which is determined by the scale of the wall or wall and the composition of the image or work itself; and “polyangularity,” which is determined by the many points of view and sizes of the plane.

History of art walls 

We see them in cave paintings, old towns, temples, squares, residences, and gardens; they used to be depictions of scenes from daily life or religions; we may see angels, archangels, and devotees, among other things, in these murals.

In modernity, however, artistic barriers have frequently been connected with revolutionary confrontations, particularly between oppressors and oppressed. Many people have been able to express themselves via art; one of the most famous pieces is Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” which protests the Spanish Civil War.

Advantages of having a gorgeous garden 

Humans have lost touch with nature in recent years. We live in artificial settings that have a negative impact on our well-being and make us feel stuck. We all have a subliminal, primitive need to get in touch with and enjoy the natural world around us. Having a garden can help you to reconnect with nature. 

However, not everyone has the luxury of having a garden, still, many of the lucky ones tend to neglect their garden. This is a shame as there are many advantages to having a nice garden.  

Your garden is a space where you can do anything you want, you can have it designed just like you wish for and it can become a reflection of your personality. It can be anything you want. If you need a place for a gym, a place to party with your friends or a place for dinner during beautiful summer days, your garden can become that kind of place for you. 

Besides, a garden is a perfect place for your children and pets to play. Children who are accustomed to playing in the garden generate antibodies and are generally healthy. Gardens are enjoyed by animals because they bring them closer to their natural environment. It has also been established that animals with gardens are less naughty than those that are usually inside the home since they have a place to release their energy.

Furthermore, being in your garden surrounded by nature has a positive effect on your health. Maintaining your garden, even simple things, like watering flowers will keep you physically active. The fullness and tranquillity you will experience will have a positive impact on your mental health, beginning with the reduction of tension and anxiety associated with daily responsibilities.

Besides these personal advantages a nice garden will have for you, it will also increase the value of your house. So, investing in your garden is not only beneficial for yourself, but it is also financially a good investment. 


When it comes to our creative walls, we have limitless options since we can paint everything that can be painted. As we have commented on several occasions, everything you can imagine for your terrace or garden, at Dream Garden we can materialise it and make it come true.  

Many of our clients desire a specific mural that is rich in art, creativity, and imagination, so that their children may grow up in a garden rich in history, culture, and enchantment.

Others are seeking a mural to help them detach from their daily lives and relax while seeing the piece of art. With Dream Garden, you may enjoy lovely views of Mykonos, your favourite beach, the mountains you miss, or whatever you want to see every day!

So, do yourself a favour! Invest in your garden, personalise it and make it your happy place. Dream Garden is more than happy to help you accomplish this. 

How to Make the Best Garden Maintenance


Garden maintenance can be difficult, especially when you don´t have the proper knowledge on how to maintain a beautiful landscape. Whether it be the choice of tools you need, which foliage is best for your yard or how often to prune your shrubs, it can seem like a daunting task. However, by utilizing these 9 tips and tricks, you can reduce your labor and maintain your garden more efficiently, putting less strain on yourself and reaping the benefits a gorgeous scenery can provide.

Tips to keep the garden in best conditions


  1. The first tip, and one of the most important, is to start your garden with good soil. Try nutrient rich planting beds, such as manure, compost, or even dried peat moss. Amended soil, which is an additive that can enhance simple soil, drains better due to its light weight which allows for easier weeding. Good soil equals beautiful plants.


  1. Don´t be afraid to borrow aesthetically pleasing ideas from neighbors! If you see something you like, snap a quick picture and reference it when starting your garden or creating an addition. Seeing what looks good around you is a great way to ensure you´re on the right path to a beautiful, eye-catching garden. Keep in mind you can also see which plants are easier to maintain in local weather conditions. Which brings us to our next point…


  1. Choose a landscape that works well in your climate and weather environments. This can help assist you in which plants will be able to withhold the atmosphere around them. Also consider where the garden is going to be placed. Does it have a good amount of sunlight or is it in the shade? You can customize your garden to accommodate your specific needs and ensure your plants have exactly what they require to thrive in your yard.


  1. Next, start your garden with younger flowers, shrubs, and trees. Even if you´re adding an addition keep this tip in mind! This gives you time to properly care for the plants as they mature and introduce them to the appropriate soil early on. It also gives the plants more time to establish their roots, ensuring they get the correct amount of nutrients resulting in a more bountiful landscape.


  1. Make sure you have the appropriate tools that will be needed. Whether you need a shovel quickly or you realize you´re missing a gardening glove, check at the beginning of the season to ensure you have everything you need. Consider ergonomically designed tools and knee mads to ensure you have a pain free experience. Also, contemplate investing in tools with bright handles. This will alleviate the stress of a possible tool going missing as you can spot the bright color amongst the green shrubbery.


  1. Remove the eyesores! Deadheading, or removing dead blooms from your plant, keeps your plant from wasting energy it naturally continues to provide. This can take away from efforts it could be putting towards healthier buds and flowers. Grab your clippers and snip away! It is surprising how much more your plant can produce when it is regularly deadheaded.


  1. Keep your garden weed free. Weeds are not only ugly, but they can cause a real problem for the plants around them. Weeds can not only steal water from your plants but if they get large enough can actually block out sunlight. They have the tendency to over crowd your space which again can limit your landscape’s ability to thrive. There is no such thing as over-weeding so grab those suckers when you first see them sprout.


  1. Don´t be afraid to decorate your landscape. Whether it be something simple like the occasional decorative stone, a brick walkway, or a welcoming garden gnome, make your space your own. Don´t be afraid to add accessories! They can add to an aesthetically please experience. They also do not inhibit your plants from prospering, so they make a great, fun addition.


  1. Lastly, create a space you´re proud to maintain! If you love your landscape and the environment it provides, you will be happier to put on your gardening shoes and go to work. Having an area you appreciate effects how you view your home. This can enhance your well-being and overall quality of life. When you have a serene place to escape to, what a lovelier place your home becomes!


Gardens can definitely be a chore however; they bring an amount of beauty that little to nothing else can provide. Not only do they add an attractive aesthetic to your home, they create a beautiful space for you to enjoy every day. At Dream Garden, we utilize our expertise to create the perfect garden and landscape for you and your home. We are passionate about our craft and ensure we will provide the highest quality experience and results. We do everything to go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

The beauty of outdoor construction


The beauty of outdoor construction


The inside of the house is important; however, the exterior part of your residence should never be ignored. Beautiful house with breathtaking garden design is truly a work of art. You may not think about it this way, but in fact, beautiful and impressive outdoor construction is something which we crave instinctively.


 Humans are in fact highly territorial animals. Through all the history and modern times, we have been fighting for land. Obviously, it has resources, and it is generally useful, but humans tend to crave territory also for less practical reasons. We do it for almost addictive feeling of looking at it and knowing “it’s mine”.


At the same time, we instinctively want our territory to be beautiful. In the past beauty meant resources. Green land full of plants meant that the soil is fertile. Proximity of water was essential for survival, rocks and caves on the other hand could protect us from the elements.


Since the ancient times, people with resources have created outstanding villas and gardens. These days it can be a great way to improve our everyday life satisfaction and express ourselves. We can create and design our own “territory”. Your home is your kingdom, so you need a palace.


Outdoor makeover and construction can transform your home into personalized environment, developed in a way which will satisfy all your needs. You can choose from variety of styles or purposes for your residence. Do you want to transform old house into modern villa? Do you need safe but extraordinary outdoor space for your children? No problem. Good exterior construction should serve you practically, satisfy your sense of aesthetics and beauty. You are the artist, designing functional work of art – your own home.


External construction can be divided into 3 main fields which it transforms:


I. House exteriors

Your house exterior construction can really influence you and your neighbors. After all, it is the first thing you see while coming back home after long day at work or holidays. Seeing beautiful and welcoming house will surely make this moment more enjoyable. Beautiful house will also improve overall image of your neighborhood which can motivate new people to move in, strengthening the local community.  You can repaint your house with lively colors, add new bigger windows and build terrace on which you can relax during sunny days. Makeover of the roof can also increase the value of your property.


II. Garden design

A garden can serve multiple purposes. It can satisfy our instinctive need of proximity to nature, express our aesthetic taste and provide barrier between us and exterior world. It coexists with your house exterior, improving and enhancing the overall effect. Gardens hold great power when it comes to outlining beauty of outdoor construction. There is a theory that our sense of beauty comes from prehistoric times. According to this theory, landscapes we consider to be beautiful are very similar to the ones we would consider as good for settling. They would be rich in plants and close to some source of water. You can achieve this with garden, create your own idyllic paradise which will improve your everyday mood and life satisfaction.


III. Outdoor structures

When you have your house exterior and garden ready you can start making your environment more functional. You can add treehouse, swimming pool, stone barbecue or playground. This way you can transform your home in a way which will allow you to not only admire its beauty, but also undertake various enjoyable activities in it.



Other benefits of outdoor makeover & construction


The obvious benefits of outdoor makeover and construction are improved life satisfaction, space to spend time with family and friends, sense of beauty. However, there are some more practical benefits which can even help you make money. If you buy an old property with an aim of selling it for a higher price, you cannot ignore outdoor makeover. Even if you wouldn’t change anything interior, you can still significantly raise the value of your property. In real estate first impression is extremely important.  Apart from obvious changes which you can make to increase house value, such as makeover of roof or windows, you should take care of house colors. Paint your property in more lively and smart colors to increase its value. This will generate huge return of investment.



No matter if you want to increase the value of property, bring new life to old house or create your own environment. In Dream Garden we got you covered. We offer you our skills and experience. Together we will cooperate through every stage of your project in order to present you with demanded effect. We are experts in the field, passionate about designing and developing your dream garden and house. Have a look at our previous projects and be sure that together we will transform your property into a work of art.


Why Landscape Architecture is beneficial for you and the environment?

Why Landscape Architecture is beneficial for you and the environment?


Nowadays humans lost connection with nature. We live in artificial environments which affects our wellbeing and lives, making us feel trapped. We all have this subconscious, primal need to experience and adore nature around us. Now imagine that you can have your own paradise at home. Imagine creating and shaping environment in a way in which you can achieve your own landscape. That’s what landscape architects do. That’s what we do.

Landscape architecture is the study and art of designing environments which includes elements of engineering, architecture, sociology, environment and arts. It is used in streets, housing estates, apartment compounds, shopping malls, squares, gardens and across towns or cities. It enables life between the buildings, brings nature and harmony back into urban areas. It uses resources that we already possess, it can be terrain topography, present trees, rocks or ponds. When the architects look at raw landscape, they see potential and reshape it into work of art that fits into the needs of local community and environment. Landscape architecture has tremendous potential to improve quality of our lives and help fight off climate change. Let’s have a closer look into its benefits.

Benefits for society

Landscape architecture has potential to create vibrant and healthy communities, reshape cities into accessible, safe and breathtaking places. Reshaping infrastructure can enable safer and greener transport, prevent soil erosion and improve quality of air. Scientists agree that green places are improving health and wellbeing of society. Well-designed outdoor spaces will encourage people to go outside and enjoy sunlight which greatly reduces stress and improves concentration. Scientists have also proven that access to green places improves cognition development in children and has potential to reduce their obesity rate by approximately 8%. Landscape architects can also create places for sports and leisure which have direct impact on community’s health and wellbeing.

Benefits for nature

Earth’s climate is changing extremely fast and we all need to take action. It is estimated that forest loss is responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emission. However globally around 2 billion hectares of degraded land are available for restoration. It is area as big as South America. We know that nature-based solutions can provide 37% of the mitigation needed by 2030 to keep global temperature rise below 2°C. In this case landscape architecture might be one of the best solutions. Landscape architects equipped with cutting edge technology design urban areas into natural carbon sinks, they develop healthy communities that reduces their greenhouse emissions and adapt to changing climate. They design infrastructure that prevent floods or wildfires and play important role in protecting Earth’s biodiversity. In the future they can be the ones that finally reconnect humankind with nature.

Benefits for you

Many people aren´t able to enjoy nature in their everyday life. Living in urbanized area often force us to travel in order to truly experience it. Happily, nowadays you can change that and bring nature into your home. What’s even better you can shape it and create your own custom paradise. Have your own environment in which you can distance yourself from the outside world or enjoy it with friends and family. Reshape ordinary house surroundings into work of art. Having your house turned into artwork is great but it can also be functional. Landscape architects have ability to adapt the landscape to your needs. Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money spent on electricity in the long run? The architects will arrange place for solar panels, and they will make them fit into the landscape perfectly. Do you want swimming pool, quiet corner to relax or place in which your kids can play outdoors? Not a problem. It doesn’t matter if you own a company, work in a city council or simply want to give new life to your house, landscape can be found everywhere and so it can be transformed into art.

Transform any landscape with Dream Garden

Our experienced and professional team can help you transform any landscape into a true work of art. While transforming landscape, we focus on all the spaces that we can take advantage of to create different spaces within one. Landscapes we create are ecological and sustainable, they don’t use a lot of water and have only positive impact on environment. We are passionate about our work, pay attention to every detail and supports you through every stage of the process. That is why we are known as one of the most important freelance landscape architects. We pride ourselves on delivering highest quality customer service and being perfectionists who will do everything to reach our goal which is to achieve extraordinary results and your full satisfaction.


How to make a vertical garden?

How to make a vertical garden?

Vertical garden – a true wonder

            People have been fascinated by gardens for millennia. In Christian, Islamic and Jewish tradition, the idyllic place inhabited by first people – Adam and Eve, was the garden of Eden. A true paradise.

            Ancient civilizations have also praised the beauty of what is most probably first vertical garden in the world – the hanging gardens of Babylon. They were so impressive that they were named one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. There is no real evidence of their existence except from ancient texts and relations of people who saw them which are so numerous that most historians agree that they have existed. 

             Babylon, at the time was the biggest city in the world, that needed a bit of nature in its early urban landscape. Nowadays majority of us live in cities way bigger than Babylon and the gardens can really bring some life into them and transform our houses into true wonders.

            The vertical garden doesn’t require much space and can be used for various reasons. It can be a professional and complicated living wall or simply a place to grow your own vegetables and herbs. It can even be made in your kitchen!

            One of the advantages of vertical garden is that you don´t even need to have a balcony, patio or terrace. You can make it indoors, bringing some life into your office or home.

How to make a vertical garden?

            Step 1 – planning and analysis.

            The first rule is to take advantage of what we already have. Which spaces in the house or terrace could be used or transformed. Which places receives the most sun, how our garden can coexist with design and space available to us?

             We can use everything, from wall that can be transformed into vertical plant-made carpet or mirror frame. Your garden can be part of the walls, it can hang from the roof or surround your door. You can use literally anything, there are very few boundaries. Creating vertical gardening is all about getting creative.

            We should also know how we want to use our garden and adjust the next steps to it. A vertical garden can be aesthetic, bring some life or be functional. As an example, you can make wall of herbs in your kitchen, grow tomatoes on your balcony or provide some shadow on the terrace.

            Think of every possible way to take advantage of your garden and adjust it to your needs. It offers so many possibilities, you are hold only by your creativity!

            We should also choose the plants that would fit conditions in our flat, our preferences and overall purpose of this garden. If we are planning to have a garden outside, we should keep in mind the climate in which we live.

            Step 2 – preparation and evaluation

            If we analyze everything from step 1, we can move further. Vertical gardens don’t need to be too expensive so we can use what we already have: empty milk chug, window frame, old tire, terrarium etc. The vertical gardens can vary greatly in its sophistication and complexity, if you want rather simple design you can do it yourself without a problem.

            Thereby, a professional team would be a great choice if you desire something truly outstanding. Especially popular vertical garden example is a living wall. It requires professional design and development as in this case density is the key. Watering vertical garden can also be challenging, but the experts can design it in a way that won’t allow water to spill all over the floor.

            If you want something simpler you can easily do it yourself. In order to comfortably water it you would need some kind of pot to store your plant. You can hang it or nail it to the wall. Your flowerpot can be anything, old milk chug, a jar, basket or bucket.

            This is especially popular in the kitchen. You can make wall of your own herbs, used in cooking. Always fresh and in the reach of your hand. You can do this by for example, nailing the boards to the wall or simply organizing shelves on which you can store your plants. Another way is to put them in baskets that will hang from the wall.

            A perfect way to take advantage of every space available to us in garden or terrace is to create a spectacular living wall. This type of vertical garden can totally change the design of your home, making it more natural and energetic. Thereby it is really complicated especially if we consider watering it.

            To develop living wall, we firstly need to come up with idea for it. We can use pocket planters or a ready frame. The frame would let us to achieve greater density and therefore better aesthetics. On the other hand, pocket planting is easier, and we should be able to do it ourselves but it’s not as spectacular.

            Living wall vertical garden require good design as the biggest challenge is watering. At this point it would be best to hire professionals. They can handle watering, choose the right plants adapted to conditions in your garden, choose the right place and develop everything in a way that reconciles your comfort, aesthetics and satisfaction. The experts have the ability to adapt this garden to your needs, such as amount of time you are ready to spend maintaining the wall, purpose of the garden etc.

Vertical garden in your house

            If you want to have a vertical garden that would bring nature into your home, amaze the guests and look outstanding all year round your best bet is to hire professionals from DREAM GARDEN. We are experts in gardening and can handle everything. Together we will design and develop your dream garden, which would be able to survive all year round due to the choice of plants and proper location. You don’t need space or too much time to have and maintain breathtaking garden! Trust the experts in the field and watch us turn your house into paradise!

Advantages of having a garden at home

garden at home

Being at home is priceless, feeling free and comfortable in your home is one of the most important things in life. In fact, when we travel it is very common to enjoy to the fullest, but to have that feeling of fatigue that would only go away in our house, our bed and our space and comfort zone. So can you imagine having a beautiful garden design at home? 

Now, if home is where we grow up, we carry out our day-to-day tasks and live with our loved ones, sometimes we need a different environment, which continues to provide us with the tranquility of our own environment, but also helps us to distract ourselves, clear up the mind, connect with nature and enjoy. This can be achieved with a like a vertical garden or a beautiful landscape design. 

Advantages of having a garden at home

As we discussed earlier, the advantages of having a garden at home are quite extensive, but today we will tell you about the ones that we consider most relevant:

Reflect your personality

Gardens do not have an exact shape, you will never find green areas equal to each other, having a garden at home is the perfect opportunity to reflect your personality. It will depend on your tastes what type of flowers you want to have, the design of it will also depend on you. This is one of the most beautiful things to do in your garden, which is not something you buy and place, it is something that can be truly unique, just like you.

Allows you to create new spaces

Depending on the needs of the moment, your garden can be attached to any setting, the spaces can be used to exercise, to have a party with your friends, or the ideal place for the smallest of the house to play and disconnect from all the technology.

Has a positive effect on our health

Being surrounded by nature and a comfortable and own space can improve our physical and mental health. Maintaining a garden, even simple tasks like watering flowers, will keep you physically active. The fullness and tranquility that you will feel while being there will bring benefits to your mental health, starting with reducing the stress and anxiety of day-to-day tasks.

It is an ideal space for children and pets

To be honest, the kings of the house are always children and pets, and of course, they deserve the best. A garden is an ideal space not only to connect with nature, but also to play, create that valuable bond between children and pets and enjoy each space without using technology. Children who get used to playing in the garden are usually very healthy children as they develop antibodies.

Animals enjoy gardens since it brings them closer to their own nature, it is also proven that animals that have a garden are less mischievous than those that are always in the house, since they have a place to drain all their energy.

Increase home value

That’s right, and we are not referring only to the personal advantages that the garden will offer you, it also increases the value of your home economically speaking. Having a garden at home when selling or renting the home, you can increase its price and recover the investment.

At Dream Garden we make the most exclusive gardens

We are experts in garden and landscape design, that although confusion may arise, gardens and landscapes are very different. In landscape design and architecture, we focus on all the spaces that we can take advantage of to create different spaces within one. For example, in a house that has a very large garden or lot, we have created incredible landscapes with swimming pools, fountains and pergolas.

As for the gardens, we do not focus mainly on the wishes of the owner, as we know that no one knows his tastes and those of his family better than him. However, throughout the process of creating the garden, from design to preparation, we advise them to achieve the perfect garden for each one.

Dream Garden: landscapes, design and architecture

At Dream Garden we strive to offer our clients a high-quality service, because in addition to being passionate about what we do, we want them to see their home with excitement and enthusiasm again.

In all the services we offer, professionalism and perfectionism stand out, our landscape and garden design is of a higher level, as are our vertical gardens that so many people fall in love with.

And why not? You can give your garden even more personality with an art wall designed by us to reflect the landscape, movie or moment that you like the most. At Dream Garden we make the garden of your dreams come true because we know that the advantages of having a garden at home are unmatched!

Why landscaping is important?

Sandy swimming pool in Estepona
Sandy swimming pool

Landscaping is about more than just making a yard beautiful. After all, a well-cared-for lawn can make even a bare yard look appealing. Landscape design is about transforming your yard into beautiful retreat while minimising the impact human activities have on the plants and the environment in your yard. While adding a few potted plants significantly help improve the look of your yard, the true value of landscape design lies beyond aesthetic improvements.

Landscaping is important because it contribute significantly to our well-being and quality of life. It provide the broader context within which we live our lives. Living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our sense of well-being. Visiting largely undeveloped landscapes enables people to re-connect with nature, to refresh their minds and bodies.