Landscape Architecture

Freelance Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture is present in streets, highways, urbanizations, shopping centers, apartments, squares, gardens, parks, patios, cemeteries, museums, towns, cities and countries, everything encompasses landscape architecture, it is not only about design, also to create and configure spaces so that we can all have a better place.  

Landscape architecture is the study and practice of designing environments that contain elements of art, engineering, sociology, and environmental architecture.  

Landscape architects can claim the creation of impressive and functional places for many people, many landscape architects have created eternal landscapes that withstand any test of time and that have been places of reference and inspiration for others, many of these architects have created joy and calm, which is what we do in your homes  

Our landscape architecture refers to outdoor structures where we propose to achieve social, aesthetic or environmental results, we concentrate several branches such as the general engineering of structures for the safe and correct use of people, we investigate ecological and social processes and conditions and the existing soil in the landscape to be worked on  

We are with you throughout the process, we not only transform your garden or patio into an incredible place, we also advise you on the care and development of the landscape in the long term. Can you imagine having a landscape in the patio of your house? With our landscape architecture it is possible.  

We like to conserve nature and agriculture, the environment offers us unimaginable resources, we also advise you how to take care of your landscape and its nature, without forgetting the importance of the impact of the development of particular species in certain areas of the landscape 

We take care of all the architecture of your landscape! From planning the landscape to the location, to the ecological, scenic and various uses of the land, it depends on where your house is located, this land can be urban, rural or coastal.  

With our freelance landscape architecture services, plants are once again the center of our landscape designs, thus demonstrating that nature is vital for human beings, have you not heard of therapeutic gardens? Our landscape architecture tries to unite nature and human beings as if they were one, to rediscover and take care of each other.  

Contact us for more information, the before and after are incredible! Turn your patio or garden into a magical place that will amaze your family and friends, join with nature through our landscape architecture.