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There are many ways to give your garden an upgrade. You can, for example, plant flowers, grow vegetables, buy new garden furniture or build a pool and your garden will have a fresh look again. However, there is nothing more original and striking as an artistic wall. The look of one wall can change the appearance of your whole garden. An artistic wall can give you the feeling of sitting next to the sea or in your favourite city. The options are endless and very realistic. 

What are art walls?

Artistic walls are defined as “that image that uses a wall or wall as a support for itself” designed by experts and are closely related to architectural walls; murals can be associated to regions of socio-cultural transmission due to their history and origins according to their proportions and placements.

This type of art has existed throughout history, and has even benefited artists, citizens and civilizations by allowing them to express themselves through art, whether personal, political, religious or cultural.

Artistic walls have two basic characteristics: monumentality, which is determined by the scale of the wall or wall and the composition of the image or work itself; and “polyangularity,” which is determined by the many points of view and sizes of the plane.

History of art walls 

We see them in cave paintings, old towns, temples, squares, residences, and gardens; they used to be depictions of scenes from daily life or religions; we may see angels, archangels, and devotees, among other things, in these murals.

In modernity, however, artistic barriers have frequently been connected with revolutionary confrontations, particularly between oppressors and oppressed. Many people have been able to express themselves via art; one of the most famous pieces is Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” which protests the Spanish Civil War.

Advantages of having a gorgeous garden 

Humans have lost touch with nature in recent years. We live in artificial settings that have a negative impact on our well-being and make us feel stuck. We all have a subliminal, primitive need to get in touch with and enjoy the natural world around us. Having a garden can help you to reconnect with nature. 

However, not everyone has the luxury of having a garden, still, many of the lucky ones tend to neglect their garden. This is a shame as there are many advantages to having a nice garden.  

Your garden is a space where you can do anything you want, you can have it designed just like you wish for and it can become a reflection of your personality. It can be anything you want. If you need a place for a gym, a place to party with your friends or a place for dinner during beautiful summer days, your garden can become that kind of place for you. 

Besides, a garden is a perfect place for your children and pets to play. Children who are accustomed to playing in the garden generate antibodies and are generally healthy. Gardens are enjoyed by animals because they bring them closer to their natural environment. It has also been established that animals with gardens are less naughty than those that are usually inside the home since they have a place to release their energy.

Furthermore, being in your garden surrounded by nature has a positive effect on your health. Maintaining your garden, even simple things, like watering flowers will keep you physically active. The fullness and tranquillity you will experience will have a positive impact on your mental health, beginning with the reduction of tension and anxiety associated with daily responsibilities.

Besides these personal advantages a nice garden will have for you, it will also increase the value of your house. So, investing in your garden is not only beneficial for yourself, but it is also financially a good investment. 


When it comes to our creative walls, we have limitless options since we can paint everything that can be painted. As we have commented on several occasions, everything you can imagine for your terrace or garden, at Dream Garden we can materialise it and make it come true.  

Many of our clients desire a specific mural that is rich in art, creativity, and imagination, so that their children may grow up in a garden rich in history, culture, and enchantment.

Others are seeking a mural to help them detach from their daily lives and relax while seeing the piece of art. With Dream Garden, you may enjoy lovely views of Mykonos, your favourite beach, the mountains you miss, or whatever you want to see every day!

So, do yourself a favour! Invest in your garden, personalise it and make it your happy place. Dream Garden is more than happy to help you accomplish this. 

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